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Let’s have some safari fun


I am the new champion! and now im in need of safarians. trade friend codes with me please whoever you are? :) I’d especially like someone with a dragonair/dratini whichever in theirs. :) It’s okay if you don’t have that i’ll still add and see whatcha have.

Here is my code: 3239-3309-6996

I’ve got loudred, ditto and dunsparce so if they’re yur type yur in luck :P

Oh ya and please message me so i can add ya back. ~~~>o’

Add mine please 2809-7828-9328

Ditto safari

Add me please If you have a ditto safari. My friend code is 2809 - 7828 - 9328 thanks


I have a normal type safari. My friend zone is 0662-4058-2445. I have dittos. Please I am looking for another ditto safari and other friends

Add me 2809-7828-9328

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